Is this the best you can do?


But give me more time to read, speak to a few people, have different experiences – with their accompanying failings and resulting learnings, and I can come up with better:

‘Every once in a while, someone steps up and makes something better,  Much better.  When it happens, it’s up to us to stand up and notice it.’*

Two things from these words from Seth Godin: we can always do better and others always benefit when we do.

Of course, we could be thinking “This is the best there is.”  Not only is there no possibility for improvement but there’s no need, so we stop trying.  The other downside of this way of thinking is that we personally don’t get any better:

“”I’ve been trying all my life to find out what my limits are and have never reached them yet.  But then the universe doesn’t really help, it keeps on expanding and won’t allow me to know it entirely.”**

(*From Seth Godin’s blog: Why we don’t have nice things.)
(**Paulo Coelho’s character J in Aleph.)


Slow Journeys in the Same Direction is coming out soon (5 February).  It is not only a colouring book but an accompanied journey with an online resource for anyone wanting to notice more, feel more and do more.

You can pre-order a copy here: cost £5.99 plus postage and packing.

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