Simply the best

The best you can do is not to copy someone else really well.  It’s really about doing what only you can do with as much truth, nobility, rightness, purity, loveliness, admirableness, excellence and praiseworthiness as you can pursue in.

What would that look like?

“Don’t colour over the lines,” we were once told, but now we know we don’t want to just colour within the lines of others: we can create our own unique lines.

This uniqueness will come from thousands of places.

It won’t try to be everything to everyone.

It will pare more down to be less and then grow less to be more.

Andy Warhol visualises this for us, taking images that were all around him from the culture of his day and doing something new no one else had imagined or thought to do.

None of us plucks newness and uniqueness out of the air.  We take the artefacts of others, we understand the culture in which we find ourselves and then we add our spark.  This might well be some art as we commonly think about it, it may be ideas that we have, or ways of relating to others, communicating a message or getting the job done (all of which are art in the sense that art is the thing we produce with imagination, dexterity and determination.

For more resourcing, check out Alex McManus writing about the three things needed for fire making: fuel, oxygen and spark.  These he respectively relates to artefacts (thoughts and things), the culture in which we find ourselves, and our unique creativity; we are becoming Makers of Fire.


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