All we have

All is about intensity, imagination and love are about diversity.

Everyone is included, no one is excluded, except by our choice.

Alex McManus speaks of how:

‘A world that works for everyone does not exist except in the imagination.  So we must feed the imagination.’*

Without imagination and love we persist at things but life lacks flair and wonder.  Without intensity we give up before breaking through -but life if often a slow journey in the same direction.

Edgar Schein writes about how we need four forms of inquiry to go deeper, to break through: pure, diagnostic, confrontational and process-orientated.    The question is not “Can we?” but “Dare we?”

When intensity and passion come together we enter into a different kind of time.   Chronos time – seconds becoming minutes becoming hours becoming days …  – can be too up close, not allowing us to see the wonder of a moment as an expression or manifestation of the greater picture of who we are becoming and what we are contributing – story over a list of pros and cons.

We need to learn how to live in both forms of time:

‘Could our lives be journeys in which we stumble on things of indescribable beauty?  Are we to be alert to even the most ordinary moments of our for the possibilities?’**

(*From Alex McManus’ Makers of Fire – eBook version.)
(Alex McManus from a lost source.)

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