This wasn’t how I planned it.

‘By the time we get this far, we’ve got bangs and bruises, things that don’t work quite right, experiences that have shaped us, sometimes for the worse. […] And all we can do is wrestle with them the best we’re able.  And realise that everyone else has them too, and give them the support they deserve.’**

Sometimes planning works and sometimes it’s overtaken by all the other things that happen.  Often there’s no getting back to where we once were.

We’ve also been changed in the process.

The hero’s journey outlined by Joseph Campbell is one in which an interrupted life crosses thresholds,  overcomes adversaries and obtains the boon to take back to their community and loved ones.  Such myths were ways explore and understand life.  There would be no going back to where they were and life would be changed.

Such change is heart stuff, as Otto Scharmer and Alex McManus remind us

‘The most important change in any transformation journey is the change of heart.’^

‘By “heart” I mean the place where the emotions meet reason, mobilise the will, and shape identity.’^^

It’s at the heart level of our lives that acceptance happens, essentially being fully who we are and making this available to one another.

As Seth Godin shares, above, we are what we are, and we can choose to support each other, or, as Ed Catmull writes: ‘working with change is what creativity is about’.*^

(*From Seth Godin’s blog Pre-existing Conditions.)
(^From Otto Scharmer’s Leading from the Emerging Future.)
(From Alex McManus’s Makers of Fire.)
(*^From Ed Catmull’s Creativity, Inc..)


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