let there be light

‘First there was time.  Then space and energy.  Then matter.  And now the possibility of life, of other minds.  What would these new minds think?  What would they grasp? […] I could feel the weight of the future, heavy, bristling with possibilities.  But I could not see the future.’*

In ‘a novel about the creation,’ we are the future Alan Lightman’s character Nephew cannot see when creating this universes out of the Void.

“Bristling with possibilities” resonates with Richard Rohr’s hope for ‘infinite openness and capacity to love.’**

We do not have to wait for these kinds of light.  We are capable of producing light in darkness,  capable of making change.  As Andy Raine expresses through his faith so we can all sing out as children of this universe of incredible possibilities:

“Let light spill out of heaven through my life dispelling mediocrity and silent blame.”^

Which sounds like love being shared, removing blame and meaninglessness that ought to have no place in our short lives.

I am grateful for those who have shared their light with me over the years.

(*From Alan Lightman’s Mr g.)
(**From Richard Rohr’s The Divine Dance.)
(^Andy Raine,quoted in the Northumbria Community‘s Morning Prayer.)


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