fixed or growing?

This is stick or twist revisited.

Are you all you can be and therefore stick?

Or, are you more than you are now and so you twist?

Some people have an investment in you sticking.  It makes them look better.  The thing is, they are sticking too.  They need people around them not to push on because they can get away with what they always have done.

For the person who realises there is more to them than meets the eye – there always has been, it’s just a case of noticing more your talents, your passions, and your life experiences (which is about story)  – and explores this, they’ll discover they’re more adaptable, better learners than they thought, can come up with ideas that matter to them, and do something about these.

Life is open to everyone.


One thought on “fixed or growing?

  1. Thank you for reminding us to have courage. Always helpful to read this wonderful blog …

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