stick or twist?

‘I would send a raven
to your window with a green blade
to show you the flood that blinded
is gone down and my eyes can see
the torn sinews of the impoverished
earth gasp in this white, winter light.’*

If you think this is as good as it gets – your life, society, world – then maybe you want to stick and make sure you don’t lose what you have.

If you suspect there is more and have decided this is not what you’re going to settle on then you need to twist, see what comes next.

In his book Sapiens, Yuval Noah Harari imagines someone falling asleep in the year 1000 CE and awakening in as Christopher Columbas’ sailors were boarding their ships, they would find a familiar world, but one of Columbas’ sailors falling asleep to awaken five hundred years later would find himself in an incomprehensible world .

A closer look at life between 1000 and 1500 would show plenty of sticking and twisting.  As would a closer look at life at the time.  Moving on in some ways, sticking where we realise we need to get sustainable.

We’re recognising that our freedom in being a species that has the ability to twist without limits is not really freedom at all, is actually more similar to what Lillian Lieber calls “a PATHOLOGICAL FREEDOM as against a NORMAL HEALTHY FREEDOM.”*  The latter is marked for Lieber by exalting of observable facts, intuition, and reason together.  Raising one or two over the other(s) results in an unhealthy freedom.

With these three things held in tension, I’m not ready to stick.  There is more to see, feel, and do.  I am prepared to unlearn and learn anew.  This is the way of twisting first of all:

‘You normally have to let go of the old through a stage of unknowing and confusion, before you came move to another level of awareness or new capacity.’^

(*Messenger of Sight, from John O’Donohue’s Echoes of Memory.)
(**Lillian Lieber, quoted in Maria Popova’s BrainPickings.)  
(^From Richard Rohr’s The Naked Now.)


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