the house of the gods


We can blame the religion, the institution, and the system but in the end we are these things.  For good and bad, it comes down to us.  Even when what has happened is because of outside forces, we get to choose our response.  Welcome to the house of the gods.

When Hugh Macleod doodles ‘Entrepreneurship is about human potential.  Everything else is secondary,’ he’s saying that who we are and what we must do breaks out of the straitjacket we have too often believed to be there and are now expressing ourselves.*  We make the mistake that entrepreneurs are a particular kind of business person but they’re only doing what humans do when they’re at their best.  We’re still trying to figure out the kind of world necessary for this to happen in.

Everyday we get to be explorers of our potential.  Erich Fromm wrote about how, in order to get well, a patient ‘acquires or has some idea of what his life out to or could be.’**  We’re recovering towards being what we can be.

Towards this, I think it’s helpful to understand ourselves to be “a little lower than,” something or someone else – an ideal, god, muse, world, universe, dream, cause, Other – we seek to serve.  When we think we are the gods is when we get into trouble.

(*From Hugh Macleod’s Gaping Void.)
(**From Erich Fromm’s The Art of Listening.)

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