superstars and superheroes


‘The Walk of Fame might remind you that showbiz isn’t the place for permanence, but I suspect you know that already.’*

‘A person who cannot imagine the future is a person who cannot contemplate the results of his actions.’**

Geoff Nicholson notes all the lookalikes on Hollywood Boulevard – Elvis, Marilyn, Chaplin – pretending to be someone else for the tourists’ cameras, whilst underfoot are the stars in the pavement carrying the names of celebrities I’ve never heard of: Spanky McFarland and Stanley Kramer.

Perhaps the impersonators are only doing blatantly what so many of us do surreptitiously.  Some act as others want them to be.  Others aim to be more like their heroes or their bosses,  Then others react by resisting the temptation to be someone they’re not but lose themselves in the resistance.

The best kind of superheroes or superstars are those who quietly get on with what they know they must do regardless of what other think or notice.  It’s not about being remembered; it’s about making a difference.

And imagining the future is a superpower we all have.

(*From Geoff Nicholson’s The Lost Art of Walking.)
(**From Alan Lightman’s Einstein’s Dreams.)

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