discipline or disciplined


One comes from inside of us, the other from outside.  One is spark and one is stodge.

Inner discipline is how we get to do amazing things: overcoming a steep challenge, with limited resources, connecting with our inner motivation or passion, and overcoming the judgement, cynicism, and fear of others.

We’ve no idea how far we can go, we only know that overcoming one thing sets us up for facing a new challenge, moving us from believing something is possible to knowing it is through doing it.  What we’re forming in the process is integrity, when who we are on the inside flows into who we are on the outside.

Then we come to realise we’re able to create the futures we most desire, and to help others to create theirs.  Sparky people know about this, how every day is an opportunity to practice their sparkiness.  Whereas, we don’t really need to practice stodginess.  It’s sparkiness that overcomes stodginess, meaning we need to focus on the things we love and are energised by rather than trying to stop being stodgy.

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