a journey of a thousand days



The number of continual days I’ve been posting thin|silences (whispers), with a doodle.

I’d decided that from the 1st January 2014, I would try posting some of the ideas I found myself exploring through journalling every day.  Wanting this to be about more than words, I committed – thanks to the inspiration and encouragement of the awesome Hugh Macleod* – to add a doodle .  I’d never doodled in my life.

The reason for sharing these things is because, after more than three years of continual posting, I’m going to leave it for a week and explore another idea I’ve had.  I haven’t a clue what will come of this, and this is part of the adventure.

These eleven hundred and nine days have included many adventures.  They convince me of how turning up daily to do something which has piqued by curiosity and interest will change us.  As we set off, we have no idea how.  The only thing we know is we must step out into a journey, opening ourselves fully to what might happen.

Along the way, I’ve discovered the magic of words which come together in stories and ideas, forming in different patterns and phrases.  I’ve also come upon the wonder of image – how pictures are powerful helpmates to the imagination – the first form of recording or “writing” used by humans.

Thanks to Steven Covey,** I’ve carried for some years the words finding our voices so others may find theirs.  I think this experience of finding my voice has been enabled by the slow journey I’ve found myself in, and sharing whispers of possibility which I hope will make it possible for you to find and strengthen your voice.

When it comes to making the future we commit to what we do not know – this is why we find it so difficult to set out on these journeys.

Many of the ideas emerging in my early morning journaling have moved into experimentation and even full-blown practices and events.  These are the stories we’re each capable of writing with our lives.  We never find our voice alone.  Many have whispered into my life, whether I have met with them or they have written a book “to me.”

If you have begun a slow journey of discovery, I want to encourage you to keep going.  You don’t know what’s going to happen on the way but something will.

It’s all about the journey.

(*Check out Hugh Macleod’s blog and three books: Ignore Everybody, Freedom is Blogging in Your Underwear, and, Evil Plans.)
(**Specifically Steven Covey’s The 8th Habit.)

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