wanderers all


“Wandering is not a mindless task, but instead the opposite, the gateway to enlightenment.  A surrender to the great mystery.”*

‘And we might even find ourselves as adults still living in a world of Should from childhood that we have unconsciously examined.’**

We enter into a wider self when we connect with others, our world, and our own soulfulness more deeply.  This is wandering.

But we’ve been taught to stay put, not to fidget, to make up our minds and not to keep changing them.  This is the status quo.

We’re a wandering species, though,  When we’re moving, we see more, feel more, understand more, imagine more, and, are able to do more.

All of us are wanderers – all wandering in different ways – and when we journey together we emerge into a bigger world, a larger universe:

‘the commerce of art draws each of its participants into a wider self.  The creative spirit moves in a bod or ego larger than that of any single person.’^

We are all wanderers and we are all artists.

(*Unknown wanderer, quoted in Keri Smith’s The Wander Society.)
(**From Elle Luna’s The Crossroads of Should and Must.)
(^From Lewis Hyde’s The Gift.)

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