“No recorded cultural system has ever had enough different expectations to match all the children who were born within it.’*

I think of those who’ve influenced me and those who still do.  Doing what they must do has opened worlds of possibility for me.

We often look for something from outside our lives to change us when all we need is to give what we already have.  This is what the best influencers do.

You have your influencers.  People who help you to notice and be the person you can fully be but you have to move

‘Sometimes we forget that dreams require change, your are not willing to venture to where your dreams come true.’**

‘If you want to know Must, get to know Should.  This is hard work.  Really hard work.’^

“Should” is what holds us prisoner.  It’s what stops us from venturing to where our dreams come true.  Everyone’s Should is different – often we feel it but cannot see it.  We see it but don’t want to acknowledge it.  We acknowledge it but don’t know what to do about.

Look for those who will show you the way.

Be the way for others.

(*Margaret Mead, quoted in Eugene Peterson’s A Long Obedience in the Same Direction.)
(**From Erwin McManus’s An Unstoppable Force.)
(^From Elle Luna’s The Crossroads of Should and Must.)

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