extraordinary lives


Out of everyday struggles unlikely heroes emerge.

Heroes are not identified by title but by what they know they must do.

Often they begin by seeing what others do not.  They struggle to articulate this, all the time a breathlessness inside of them.  It’s likely they do not like what they see, that their gasping for breath is both exhilarating and painful but they realise they are feeling more alive than they have for a very long time.

Where there is no way, their mustness finds a path.

Yet, we’ve not been taught these things.  Teachers were too busy with the curriculum.  Heroism’s never been on the timetable.  We grow up wondering what this strange sensation deep within is and what we can do about it

Yesterday I met with two people experiencing their mustness, coming as they did from different places and experiences – mustness does not discriminate – they’re looking for their way, their story.

I hope for them.  The mustness of some is to help others find theirs. Perhaps this is you?  What do you see?  What are you trying to describe?  What is the breathless ache deep inside you?

We need to find each other, towards helping more people find their path – their path, not ours.

You know who you are.

Watch this space.

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