grain, yeast, and water


At some point long ago in your past, long ago, you connected to the source of who you are, and in this came to know why you are here.  At least in some simple, untried way.  As you look back, you realise you had no inkling of what it would mean.

Right now, you’re able see your past and also your future, and know that both these dimensions define your now.

When my friend Will stayed with us  few days, I offered a little whisky at the end of the day, and I mentioned a book my youngest son had bought me about 1,001 whiskies.  Will ended up challenging me to read the book (did I mention it’s 960 pages long) and to include thoughts from it in my blog.

Here you are, Will:

‘The discovery and understanding of whisky is not something that happens overnight.  It requires open mouths, open hearts, and open minds.’* 

I feel I should mention, I only have three whiskies in the house, and two of these were bought as presents.  And the jury’s out as to whether I like whisky.  I do know it requires lots of time to mature, though – at least ten years.  And it requires experience: we can all get our hands on grain, yeast, and water, but we can’t all make whisky.

I realise life too is an open mouth, open heart, and open mind experience.  We need to taste it, savour it, and come to see just what has been happening – all that maturing and experience.

Every whisky is different – there are many more than one thousand and one.  The kind of grain and water makes a difference, but something magical happens through the distillation and maturation.

Just like your life.

When you add your uniqueness to the things of life, the energy deep within your chest, you begin something that takes a lot of time.

It’s a thrill to know so much can be accomplished in a lifetime: there’s more to you than you know.

(*Jim Murray in 1001 Whiskies You Must Try Before You Die.)


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