beyond the obvious


‘In one study … people judged the writers of negative book reviews as more expert and competent than the writers of positive reviews, even when the content of both reviews was deemed to be of high quality.’*

‘Unless there’s an obvious reason to do otherwise, most of us passively accept decision problems as they are framed and therefore rarely have an opportunity to discover the extent to which our preferences are frame-bound rather than reality-bound.’**

Beyond the obvious “no and …” or “yes but …” games we learn to play, there is the “yes and …” game that makes it possible for us not only to see but also feel and touch the non-obvious.

There’s a non-obvious path for each of us to explore.  The kind of understanding we usually trust will not help us find it.  Wisdom is not a head thing but develops and resides in the heart and its expressions.

Our three guides are humility and gratitude and faithfulness, enabling us to break free from our normal framing of life.

Humility allows me to accept me and accept the other.

Gratitude brings my heart into play.

Faithfulness brings my actioning of what I know and feel to the party.

Like a small country lane off a dual carriageway, it’s easy to miss our non-obvious when we’re going so fast.

(*From Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project.)
(**From Daniel Kahneman’s Thinking, Fast and Slow.)


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