let me offer you some feedback


‘The religion gets in the way of the faith.  Static gets in the way of motion.  Rules in the way of principle.’*

‘Human beings are exquisitely designed to sense the future, shape it, and bring it to reality – to actualise it when necessary and meaningful, as it desires.’**

There are plenty of people who want to tell us what they think (and what we ought to think); as Edgar Schein sees it, ‘Feedback is generally not helpful if it is not asked for.’^

If I ask for feedback, I try to lead through specific questions; when unsolicited feedback is provided it often is found lacking, being ‘too general, judgemental, or related to some goal’ of the other person.^  As such, a lot of feedback is evaluative rather than descriptive, aiming to overpower someone rather than meeting them on the same level.

Religion belongs to the powerful, faith belongs to everyone, a future sensing ability in all humans, and one that opens up stories of possibility, and stories are important because:

‘Characters only change when they live through a story.^^

Feedback is a skill – an art, even.  It can even be thought of as a journey we take together into the unknown.

Now, what’s your question?

(*From Seth Godin’s Tribes.)
(**From Joseph Jaworski’s Source.)
(^From Edgar Schein’s Helping.)
(^^From Donald Miller’s Scary Close.)


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