live where you are


‘With the pain and in the midst of alienation a sense of freedom can occur. … False dreams interfere with honest living.’*

Life is a series of arhythmic dislocations.   For most of us these are mini-exiles, moving from what we know to what we do not know.

As we search for and journey into truth, we’re moving into the unknown or the new-known, an exile experience.

I had to leave my home for school – a very scary and unpleasant experience as I remember it.  I had to leave school and childhood for adulthood and work – scary.  I have sometimes found myself pushed out of one work context and had to journey into another to begin over.

When in exile, we want to be somewhere else, to return to where we came from or to at least get away from here – this job, this small town, this person – but for those who embrace where the dislocations of life have brought them, there’s the discovery of something magical, a strange alchemy that turns exile into blessing.**

You may be just what those around you need and don’t know it.  Prophets of hope make little sense to those who feel at home, but for those embracing their strange lands there is magic to be worked.

(*From Eugene Peterson’s Run with the Horses.)
(**I’m not referring to those whose experiences are so toxic that the only thing they can do is leave.)


3 thoughts on “live where you are

  1. When in exile…
    What excellent timing to read this post today. This past Tuesday (9/20/16), I embraced the purpose of being an “Ambassador of Hope”. How many persons have been in a place of exile which to the onlooker seems to be a terrible place. But, the onlooker does not see the light of truth the exile brings to that otherwise dark situation!
    Let us all be bearers of light in our present station of calling…

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