“We complete our personality only as we fall into place and service in the vital movement of the society in which we live.”*

“We are sensible that behind the rustling leaves, and the stacks of grain, and the bare clusters of grape, there is a field of a wholly new life which no man has lived; that even this world was made for more mysterious and nobler inhabitants than men and women.”**

There will always be surprises.  Hardly surprising in a universe such as this one.  One?

‘According to the current thinking of many physicists, we are living in one of a vast number of universe.  We are living in an accidental universe incalculable by science.^

We may try and insulate ourselves from surprises, but perhaps they are where life is most vitally found.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with two others pondering how an experience we’ve been involved in designing and evolving might be shared with more.  We had come to an impasse.  The experience had begun with one person’s question, developed into an enterprising community exploring crucial questions.  How to offer this without being to prescriptive?

Someone then said, invitation feels to be the right way to move forward, meaning the experience will only exist as it continues to be co-created.  The other two of us felt this to be good and right.  The word had come through the openness of one, and the other two of us were open to the surprise of this.

Surprise begs improv for the flow to continue: yes and … .

‘[T]he proverb is, when in doubt, scout.’*^

Instead of avoiding surprise, there’re ways to be open to surprise which leads to us being more alive, even more human.

‘I wanted to be with people who were humble and hungry, had healthy relationships, and were working to create new and better realities in the world.’*^

(*Peter Forsyth, quoted in Eugene Peterson’s Run with the Horses.)
(**Henry David Thoreau, quoted in Peter Senge’s The Necessary Revolution.)
(^From Alan Wightman’s The Accidental Universe.)
(^^From Alex McManus’s Makers of Fire – eBook version.)
(*^From Donal Miller’s Scary Close.)


2 thoughts on “proximity

  1. Hi thankyou for your blog, I find it very inspiring at a time when I need inspiration and am finding some of my important relationships unhealthy. I love the quote that you mentioned ‘I wanted to be with people who were humble and hungry, had healthy relationships, and were working to create new and better realities in the world.’*^ Just wondered – where does this come from?

  2. Thanks, Mandy. This comes from Donald Miller’s Scary lose. I’ll check to see that reference is clear and working. Some have pointed to the interconnectedness of the dreams in our lives: our work (that is, purpose), relationships, health, spirituality (in the broadest sense for humans as conscious beings); and, finances (which is where most people’s jobs fit in).

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