the inner life

30 why not begin

It sounds positively monastic, but it’s just life.  To live without veneer.

‘Why try to recover someone else’s originality? … Servitude through admiration or tradition must be cast off.’*

Richard Sennett tells of how luthiers have tried to uncover the secrets of Stradiveri and del Gèsu, but without success.  In truth, the way these men crafted their instruments was made up of millions of nuances comprising their uniqueness.

To try and disguise who we are with a more impressive persona is to live beneath a veneer, but so too is the copying of others, no matter how great such an aspiration in this may be.

Inspiration is more liberating.  Be inspired.  Develop your own uniqueness.  Inspire others.

The best workshop a craftsperson has is their own life.

(*From Richard Sennett’s The Craftsman.)

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