helping in the other direction

28 don't be

‘Pure inquiry biases the interaction toward going with the flow, and that must be balanced by constructive opportunism.’*

‘A waker is someone who is very good at waking other people from their metaphorical slumber, temporary or otherwise.’**

We’ve all experienced it.  The person who tries to help us and they’re not helping at all.

Unless this is exactly the help we need.

When the last thing we need is help in the present direction of our lives.  When help in the opposite direction is exactly what we need because we’d never find our way to this place unless we were helped from beyond.

In a world where we can still aspire to get by without any help – “I did it my way” – the real divide isn’t between those who need help and those who get on by themselves, but between those who know being human is about giving and receiving help and those who refuse to give and receive.

We all need help from beyond ourselves.

(*From Edgar Schein’s Helping.)
(**From Hugh Macleod’s Evil Plans.)

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