stories for letting go and letting come (6)

25 wisdom is the passionate

Foolishness can be found in very clever people and places.

As we look at the refugee crisis affecting Europe, there’s a lot of foolishness around in the beliefs that the old ways can be maintained, that something new isn’t taking place which will shape life on earth for generations to come.

Foolishness, then, looks after itself and struggles to engage with the needs of the one or the minority.

The refugee risks everything in order to live.  She reminds us that we’re all involved in a quest to find life, even, please, life in all its fullness.

‘I walked away remembering that passion was a rare commodity.’*

Erwin McManus had just been unsuccessful in his pitch to a millionaire for funding.  The donor had noticed, though, Erwin’s passion and remarked on how rare a thing he found passion to be.

Wisdom isn’t some stately, pious, dignified way of knowing.  It is a passionate, heart-beating-wildly expression of life which takes risks in order for something new to emerge for everyone.  Wisdom knows that a person’s values aren’t sealed into them by the accident or the planning of procreation, but is conceived in a dream and birthed through persistence, resilience, and generosity.  Wisdom knows that life offers each of us the opportunity to take responsibility for how we will live it.

‘Creating the future does not begin with a plan.  It begins with a dream.  And when someone acts on a dream, it creates a spark.’**

What must you let go of to let your passion come?

‘The starting place for change is accepting oneself and taking interest in one’s inner world.’

(*From Erwin McManus’s Uprising.)
(**From Alex McManus’s Makers of Fire.)
(^From Edward Deci’s Why We Do What We Do.)

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