stories for letting go and letting come (7)

26 are we more alive (colour)

‘Aliveness is different from existence.  The latter is a struggle to survive; the former, a thirst for life.’*

Both are expressions of life, and both contain their own ways of measuring.   Most of us, I guess, live in aliveness or existence at different times.

26 are we more alive 1

But, do I have a stronger aliveness attitude, or existence attitude?

Aliveness always overcomes existence when our strengths take the lead over our weaknesses, where our superpowers overcome our kryptonite.

We’re altered at the nuclear level.

We become more connected – to others and our world, as well as ourselves: integrated life rather than disintegrated.  We become more whole when wholeness is the ability to hold and value and use all we have.  And it involves perseverance, rather than stalling – beginning and keeping going.

There’ll still be problems – life is full of them – but aliveness is about facing these in our strength rather than our weakness.

26 are we more alive (b:w)

The decision to let go of an overarching narrative of existence in order to let come a greater story of aliveness is ours and ours alone, and, if we do, we’ll be explorers of Úaisleacht.

‘The Irish word ‘Úaisleacht means nobility; it also carries echoes of honour, dignity and poise.  A person can be wild, creative and completely passionate and yet maintain Úaisleacht.’**

(*From Erwin McManus’s Uprising.)
(**From John O’Donohue’s Eternal Echoes.)

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