stories for letting go and letting come (4)

23 to bring your art

“It’s only when we are naked that we’re fully able to take our turn and to understand what it is to make something.  If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing this naked, this alone, this responsibly.’*

Naked isn’t about a lack of clothes.  It’s about having nowhere to hide, being seen for who you are and what you do.  It’s about courage and selflessness.

Choreographer Twyla Tharp tells of how she’d put all kinds of ideas and materials and clippings and resources for potential projects into boxes.  There’ll have been plenty of things which didn’t make it into the boxes, things she let go of.

At some point, though, everything has to come out of the box, to see what will come.  And then, you have to get naked and bring what you have in mind and heart into the light.

What have you been storing away in the box?  What will it be in the naked light of day?

(*From Seth Godin’s What to Do When it’s Your Turn.)

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