stories for letting go and letting come (3)

22 i am only beginning

It’s 2040.

You’ve journeyed to a place of heightened awareness; some would call it wisdom.  Through your great curiosity and energy you’ve been open to more and more new ways of seeing and understanding; you’ve pushed the boundaries of human empathy by connecting to others, understanding your place within the universe with all flora and fauna, and to your Self with deeper feeling and grace.  All of these things have come together into a oneness, and you have found that instead of slowing down with age, you have grown faster, from idea to passion to action for the benefit of others?  Not only have you grown faster but you have grown younger, curious as a child.

Looking back to this day – the 22nd February, 2016 – you identify the discontent or itch or need or question or dream or urging that set you on a path to be an explorer of all you can be, with others, in this universe?

So, what was the thing you had to let go for all of this to come?

“You don’t learn unless you question.”*

(*Joi Ito, quoted by Warren Berger in A More Beautiful Question.)

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