weird fruits

15 we have received everything

My friend Alan and I were drinking cortados, catching up, finding ourselves talking about  the painful restrictions of getting older we hadn’t needed to think about once upon a time in our early thirties.

I remember the story I was assured was true, of a tennis contest for ninety-somethings.  As a ninety year old volleyed the ball past a ninety-three year old, the vanquished cried out, “Oh to be ninety again.”

Funny, as the thoughts of my contemporaries begin to turn towards retirement, I’ve just identified what I really want to do.

I think about the weird fruits I can bear in this season of my life.

Whatever our particular kind of fruitfulness, here are six reasons why we can engage the future no matter what our age:

We’re reflective creatures: able to deeply ponder what we see and what we cannot see.
We’re anticipating creatures, able to understand what will happen not only as a result of what we see but also sense coming towards us from the future.
We’re imaginative creatures, able to see the future possibility of something which doesn’t yet exist.
We’re synchronising creatures, able to bring many things together in our lives which ordinarily wouldn’t meet.
We’re designing creatures, able to move something from in our heads, to paper and computer and teams.
We’re creating creatures, able to make the future happen.

The universe has done it again.

Who wants to retire while it remains our turn?


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