as you love yourself

14 love comes

Happy Valentine’s Day.

The message from my eldest son to our family today.

The original Valentine was arrested in a time of imperial persecution for marrying Christian soldiers – soldiers weren’t allowed to marry – and helping others to escape persecution.  He was later executed when he tried to bring Claudius II around to the faith the emperor was persecuting.

I guess love holds out hope for everyone.

We all need the love and strength others provide so that our best and most creative self might emerge, helping us to overcome the inner obstacles and struggles, making it possible for us to do what we must do.

We know we are walking paradoxes, not just this or just that, but this and that: good and bad, light and dark, beauty and ugliness – sinners and mystics trying to hold together the opposites of life.

Love makes it possible.  Here’s to celebrating you and all you bring.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

(*From “The Teacher,” thought to be King Solomon.)


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