to bless

16 we have permission

‘You don’t need a permit or a blessing or any sort of permission to decide to take your turn.  You only have to open your eyes and look.  And then choose.’*

It’s true, you don’t need permission.  You’re here; that’s enough.

There are those who journey through life seeking to bless and give permission to those they meet.  What they are doing is reminding us that we have everything we need and we don’t even need them.

We prefer to be given permission, though, because, while we’re waiting, it gives us permission to stay right where we are.

To have courage is to live inside a future that might not happen.

The best permission-givers are those who point to all the things already existing within us, the things wanting to get out.  And they know, the journey will we embark on will change us.

Who told you that you were too young or too old or not educated enough or too educated or from the wrong background or not from the right one?

Stop it.  You’re not.

You’re who you are and you are who you want to be, and today promises to be the first part of something quite amazing.

(*From Seth Godin’s What To Do When It’s Your Turn.)


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