towards the positive

24 every promising idea

What if life were so engaging that it didn’t take much for us to be drawn in the direction of the positive?

That is, when we connect with our talents and values, our lives are capable of generating countless positive ideas to be turned into gifts and art and the kind of things others need?

Such a journey from idea to reality would need us to move towards others, to those with complementary talents to our own.

There’d be two things we’d need from this interaction with others.

One is playfulness, with a willingness to be open and exploring of something different.

The other need is deep inquiry.  Questions are fire sparks, igniting the not-so-good parts of our ideas.  Historian David Hackett calls such questions “cerebral machines that convert curiosity into controlled inquiry,” whilst Polly LaBarre adds, the best questions are “fundamentally subversive, disruptive, and playful.”*

I just thought I’d share this idea.  Enjoy playing with the ideas arising from your life and asking questions of it.

Creativity, Generosity, Enjoyment.

(*David Hackett and Polly LaBarre, quoted in Warren Berger’s A More Beautiful Question.)


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