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‘True worth, for such a person, inheres in the creative spirit, and the objects of the world should move accordingly, not to some other, illusory value.*

The person described is expatriate American poet Ezra Pound, an unlikely hero for those who awaken to their creative spirit.

Pound became a supporter of the Axis Powers during the Second World War, having moved to Italy when he turned his back on what he saw to be the destructiveness of usury and capitalism.

In 1927 Pound had won the $2,000 Dial Award prize, promptly investing the prize money to be able to use the annual interest for supporting struggling artists.

For all the wonder of our modern life, it leaves many thinking they are devoid of creativity, or that they must pursue creativity in the scarcity markets of sport and show business and such – so robbing them of their true Human capacity.

Pound expresses how we can all use what we have in encouragement of others.  Indeed, this may be one of the most useful talents in the world today: enabling others to express and give form to their talent.

(*From Lewis Hyde’s The Gift.)

2 thoughts on “unlikely

  1. Geoffrey, Ezra Pound is certainly an unlikely hero, until you read his poems “With Usura…. and “The factory….” Magic stuff that opens your thinking towards your own attitudes.

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