hidden and unknown

18 everyone should do a little digging

There’s something hidden and unknown in your life.  Some treasure, which, when uncovered, will delight you and those with whom you share it – some way of thinking, relating, or behaving – something you hadn’t recognised before.

A second thing.  You can buy a Mood Meter app as “a gift of self-awareness to yourself, and to others.”  The app promises that using it will help build emotional intelligence.

Our moods and emotions can also be hidden and unknown to us.  We usually focus on what’s happening to us and what our thinking, and ignore what we’re feeling.  But feeling energy and excitement assists us in uncovering the hidden treasures in our lives.  What de-energises or feels negative (e.g., sadness, helplessness, guilt, anger, disappointment, criticism, etc.) helps us to act: is this something to give up, or do we need to learn more hard or soft skills, or is this something to pass on, or do I need to embrace the feeling?

The third thing that can be described as hidden and unknown is found in the questions: What kind of mood do I put others in?

To uncover these things makes it possible for us to do three things which are important to living our life as fully as we can:

Suspending the old ways of seeing and understanding;
Diving deeply into what we are uncovering and knowing; and,
Letting go of what hinders and to taking hold of what now matters to us.


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