i am not me

17 because i can change

I am not one person, I am many.

I am not who I was twenty, ten, or even three years ago, and I am not who I will be in ten years or twenty years time.  I am many different people held together by a narrative arc or story.

Again, my life has been, and is being, shaped by the lives of many others: I sat and named many of them this morning.

I seem to be acknowledging this more and more most, and am opening myself to what others bring to me.  I am becoming more connected: perhaps I am becoming we.

Some of the people I brought to mind at the beginning of the day made and make small changes in me, and some made and make large changes.

All of this makes it possible for me to follow Seth Godin’s advice when it come to what we each must do:

‘Don’t wait for it.  Pick yourself.  Teach yourself.’*

It also means I make myself available to esemplastic communities so we might create even more with and through one another.

And because of this, because I am not who I was yesterday, and there are many helping me, and because we can create together, I have hope.

(*From Seth Godin’s Whatcha Gonna Do With That Duck?)

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