no straight lines

19 life has no straight lines 100

‘Many see a supposedly good thing but still in an old way, which is to say, with their old self, from the egoic position of self-advantage and self-importance’*

We have to see new things in new ways, especially the gifts which come to us.  The awakening of the gift depends on it – what it is we must do with our lives.  So too awakening to the gift – aligning our lives to this purpose, remembering that the gift asks us to grow up and be worthy of it.

This alignment, or new way of seeing, will find us exploring unknown limits.  We’re on a journey forwards, sometimes with maps, always with the compass provided by the gift.  Seth Godin names this movement forward zooming:

‘Zooming is about stretching your limits without it threatening your foundations.  It’s about handling new ideas, new opportunities and new challenges without triggering the change-avoidance reflex.  You already zoom everyday … doing the same things as usual only different.’

Zooming doesn’t mean straight lines.  Moving forward what we love to do, even when we align our lives with the gift, still doesn’t mean straight lines. We’ll always be paradoxical creatures, living in a paradoxical world.  Write Daniel Wilson has his sentient humanoid Nine Oh Two speaks these words:

‘Peering down at the straight lines of my legs, I contemplate their machined perfection.  Nature does not create straight lines.  Only men do that.  All around me are fractal spirals hidden in the patterns of leaves, the wirl of falling snow, and even the placement of the debris on the ground.  I have names for the patterns I see in nature: Natural distribution.  Beta.  Gamma.  Poisson.  Divichlet.’**

And with it,almost infinite variation and possibility.

(*From Richard Rohr’s Eager to Love.)
(**From Daniel Wilson’s Robogenesis.  This reflection caught my attention because the phrase no straight lines describes many things to me and I purposefully avoid straight lines in my doodles.)

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