much more than this

14 we are more than this

You’re more than your thoughts, more than what’s going on in your head.

When you’re more present to the intelligence of your heart and gut, you are listening to what your life is trying to tell you.

You’re more than the sum of your parts, more than your thoughts + feelings + skills +  experiences + values + passions.

What your life is, is a gift, and gifts are alive, spiritual, and social.

You’re more than a story you want to live on or have noticed by those you influence.  There’s some difference for good you can make.

You’re more than who you are in this moment, and must resist avoiding or neglecting what you can do.  When you leave the status quo, when you try something, when you act, you become more your future Self – and so do I, and so do we:

‘When who we are and what we do are one and the same, we are walking the road of Must.  When we choose Must, what we create is ourselves.’*

On a day when we’re following what happened in Paris last night,** we remember how we are much more than this – we’re determined to become more Human.

(*From Elle Luna’s The Crossroads of Should and Must.)
(**As I write this, it’s believed there are 128 dead and more than 200 injured because of the terrorist attacks in Paris.)

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