imagine that

15 when we vallue imagination

What if our “mission” as Humans is to make all things thrive.

Imagine that.

Imagination carries us to new places and experiences and people – even into the 96% of the universe we still don’t know- and what if we don’t know how much we don’t know?

Here’s what space scientist Monica Grady was saying on the radio just this morning:

“We are very small people with, you know, our imaginations are sometimes not broad enough.  We really need to think beyond the boundaries of our own country, of our own earth, and look beyond. … People who get a glimpse of the night sky … and see the stars … there’s so much mystery and mythology and stories  you can weave about the stars.’*

What if the universe is the original Star Trek-like holodeck, waiting for us to create the best stories we can?

Some of our stories make it possible for all flora and fauna to thrive.  

At the other end of the stories-spectrum, there’re are narratives which only spoil and destroy.

‘We need to be alive to stay alive.’**

And imagination makes this possible.  Capable of continually exploring and learning forward, connecting and empathising creatively as homo connecticus, prototyping a better world.

But we can also close our minds, and, disconnecting from others, producing destructive stories which offer bleak, dystopian futures.

Every day, each of us has opportunity to use our imaginations in a positive and hopeful way:

‘The imagination has the power to assemble the elements of our experience into coherent, lively wholes: it has a gift.’^

We imagine ourselves forward.  Imagination creating stories creating imagination.

Towards a better future.

Imagine that.

(*From BBC2’s Good Morning Sunday.)
(**From Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler’s Bold.  Studies have shown that people who retire at 55 are 98% more likely to die in the following ten years than people who retire at 65.)

(^From Lewis Hyde’s The Gift.)

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