living present

13 sometimes our superpowers

Staying alert to the future wanting to emerge through you.

Here are three questions:

What is my courage? (Who I am thinking of when I am most selfless and thinking of others?)
What is my generosity?  (What is it I want to give most of all to these others?)
What is my wisdom?  (The difference I hope to make?)

Here are three practices:

Wake up with your emerging future – some reflective practice – like journaling or mindfulness or prayer.
Stay connected throughout the day with the deep intention of your life – working on ways of remembering (such as the questions, above).
Sense and take hold of possibilities when they come your way.

As for me, a year ago I’d journaled my deep concern to somehow help release people into their futures, how the world is going without because people aren’t bringing their “art,” their “superpowers,” into the world.

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