it’s all holy

12 she says there's a gift

I don’t mean religiously.

Your gift is special.  It’s different to the gifts of others – it sets you apart.  Holy.

It’s also holy because it comes to you from somewhere or someone else: a muse or genius, a people or person, the universe or God.

Of course, this means the gift of others is different to your, meaning theirs is holy too.

‘I think a race looks prettier when everybody comes in even’*

12 i think a race

Except someone’s reaching the line as a sprinter, another as long-distance runner, another as a cyclist …

Some say not everyone can be special.

Why not?

We’ve traditionally understood specialness in terms of ego, how we compare ourselves to others.  We’re coming to understand specialness from the place of eco – our connectedness to all things and people, including connecting to ourselves.

This eco-attitude, incorporating humility and gratitude, allows what wants to come to to come:

“You get a good poem and you don’t know where it came from.  ‘Did I say that?’  And so all you feel is: you feel humility, and you feel gratitude.  And you feel uncomfortable, I think, if you capitalised for much on that without admitting at some point that you got it from the Muse, or whatever, wherever, or however.”**

At the moment I’m reading Elle Luna’s excellent short essay on Should and Must.^  Must comes from within and reaches out to others so is more about the eco: the holy gift which comes to us and the holy gift we give to others, and doesn’t need popular recognition

Should comes from without, what others think we should do and is more about the ego: desiring the gratitude and plaudits of others.

Must is holy.

I hope today finds you caught up in the magic of your Must.

(*From Ruth Krauss and Maurice Sendak’s Open House For Butterflies.)
(**Poet Gary Snyder, quoted in Lewis Hyde’s The Gift.)

(^Elle Luna’s The Crossroads of Should and Must.)

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