more lessons from the dawn

24 to be human

I watched the dawn appear again this morning, and I took another picture.  It’s the one on the right.

photo-23 photo-23

It’s not nearly as beautiful as yesterday’s.  The clouds make all the difference.

Of course, in a place like Scotland (where we suffer Vitamin D deficiency) we prefer blue skies and sunshine.

There’s something about the things we wish our lives hadn’t experienced, though – the cloud moments and actions and experiences – which make for something more beautiful when the light of a new day lights us up, something we just don’t get with perfect.

Embracing rather than hiding the clouds is a healthier way to live.

Donald Miller writes about how a lecturing psychologist had noticed the students who knew a lot about their families coped better when they faced challenges; they knew about the ups and downs of their family which had been shared honestly and openly.*

This is my second lesson from the dawn.  I’ll embrace the failures and hurts and mistakes and characteristics which are not so good or pretty about me and let the new day do something transformative with them.

(*From Donald Miller’s Scary Close.)

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