maker spaces

23 idea prototype

Prototyping is powerful.

Turning an idea into some immediate action is becoming increasingly possible.

Makerlabs are accessible places in more and more cities and towns.  It’s not even necessary to be geographically close – the internet and cloud make it possible for our ideas to be sent anywhere to be posted back to us.

These are physical maker spaces, but a space may also be relational: lobbying, care,  support, interest groups.

‘Perhaps, most important, concrete embodiments of big ideas spark imagination in ways that abstracting arguments cannot.’*

When we turn an idea into something tangible, lives are changed: we actually did something.  When others say, “It can’t be done,” we can point out, “Oh, it has been, come and see.”

I think the scary and exciting journey I’m making into new work and new home can be traced to all the prototyping I’ve been involved in with others these last years.  I don’t believe I would have been where I am now if I’d only been thinking about it.

Prototyping is also powerful because it leads to What next?  The things we can’t see until we try something out.

(*From Peter Senge’s The Necessary Revolution.)

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