10 don't just

We all have at least one.

a. view or vista.
b. mental view or outlook

Mine has been changing.

From where I’m seated, I focus on the small heater in my study.  I move.  Just a little, and see it in quite a different way.  If I keep moving, I know I can obtain 360 degree view.  Even though I am no longer focused on the original view, I carry all the information.  I may still conclude the original perspective was the best after all – it has the switches on this side.

Sometimes a different perspective changes everything for the better.  If I come to where someone else is sitting and gain their view of something, my world can change.  (It doesn’t have to be a person: I can look at something from the point of view of a future society or the planet or a species.)

Perspective is made up of several perspectives.  Someone may look at their life through the lenses of spirituality, relationships, work, finance, and health.  Michael Heppell suggests more, breaking these down further: relationships, contribution, vision, career, personal development, health, close family, and money.

Yesterday, I considered the importance of deep breathing; today, I add perspective.

Try focusing on something in your home or outside (outside is best), noticing all the details you can as you breathe deeply.  Then, move to a different viewpoint and refocus.  Note how your focus looks quite different from here.

You can do this with your own life, or some situation you are facing.  You can invite another person to tell you what this looks like from their perspective.

Of course, you can’t do this unless you’re prepared to move.


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