there’s no time like the present

11 @hereandnow

‘There is no substitute for finding true purpose.’*

There’s no time like the present for living our purpose.  We certainly can’t do this in the past.  And the future is about imagining how to live our purpose now.

Purpose is something we’re awakened to.  This awakening takes place when our inner and outer lives align, when our dreams are given shape and form.  It includes our thinking but is more than thinking: ‘Awareness takes over from thinking.  Instead of being in charge of your live, thinking becomes the servant of awareness.’*

When this happens, my past begins to look different.  It isn’t so much messy and full of flaws and errors as making it possible to come fully to this moment of understanding, of alignment.

I realise I’m more than the total sum of my parts.  And I realise, through all those I am connected to, we are more too.

This is about what we want to be and be about now; not more of what we’ve been.  We’re more than we have been.  Imagine the significance of this for peoples who’ve been at odds with each other for centuries, when we allow our hopes for now to reinterpret our pasts, becoming the ways we have come to a better now.

This is where I want to be and where I’m scared to be.

(*From Eckart Tolle’s A New Earth.)


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