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We’re breathing all the time but don’t usually notice our inhaling and exhaling.  Yet nothing would happen if it were not for our breathing.

Often, we breath shallowly, caught up in the busyness of life.  When we take a moment to breathe deeply, we interrupt this.  To take a few breaths deeply slows things down immediately, noticing how breathing moves through our whole body.

When we breathe deeply at the beginning of the day, we can access how everything begins again.  Then, what do we breathe out?  What do we breathe in?

We can have a place to escape and breathe deeply awhile, close to where we are busiest.  We don’t have to carry any special equipment with us.

For these few moments we stop, reflect, and even change direction.  We give ourselves a fighting chance to walk away from WYSIATI and SOSO (What You See Is All There Is and same old same old).  We begin to notice all the things and the people  we’d missed, and how we can throw some creativity into the mix.

When our breathing deepens, our awareness expands.  We see what else we can do.  We see what we can do with others.

Our breathing deepens again.

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