into the darkness

20 to tell the truth about

We’re entering a new world of light.

In terms of new ways of seeing, understanding, and living.*

My friend Alex McManus suggests there are three undercurrents to this: from “outsider” to “insider,” “from “above” to “within,” and, from “against” to “with.”**

Humans are increasingly defined by connectiveness going beyond family and tribe and nation and religion.^  We understand ourselves to be part of the natural world rather than above it.  Instead of competing against one another, we are joining together against those things which threaten all Humans, all species, and our planet.

This new light ‘sees the world as its polis, its city, and all peoples as kindred spirits on journey together.’**

For the light to be purer, we’ll need to descend into the darkness of what we do not see or know about ourselves, which source and control our lives.  There are many things we’re blind to, aspects of who we are which are good and others which are bad.  When we identify the truth about ourselves we’re learning to be truth-tellers, and, as it comes from making ourselves vulnerable, we ensure we carry only the best of who we are into the new world of light – it is a more powerful Self we bring to others.

‘Many powerful organisations fear a truth-teller … who sees the world as it is … a person who cares enough to change it.’^^

Entering into our own darkness, then, enables us to accompany others into their darkness.  (It’s likely someone’s honest telling of their story has helped you to begin your own journey.)

These good things we discover about ourselves in the darkness must be dreamt into the light, often involving connecting with those we do not know just yet, and doing something which feels very much like leaping into the light: “Notice, dream, connect, do” encourages Monika Hardy.^

Questions through accompanied inquiry are often our means of venturing into the darkness.

(*I’m not suggesting this is our destination; future generations will add more and make the light brighter still.)
(**From Alex McManus’s Makers of Fire.)

(^There are always those pushing against and reacting to positive Human movements, and we see these around our globe.)
(^^From Seth Godin’s It’s Your Turn.)

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