shape-shifters (or, into the squiggliness)

19 what's in

You are more than who you are in this moment.  Your future as a Human Becoming will prove this.

Life, at its best is squiggly.  As we seek to become, we’ll find our lives to be ‘bumpy, weird, strange, funky, and all-round fascinating.’*

As a result, those who make the most of this are shape-shifters.

Who you are can never be defined in the confinement of a word or sentence or metaphor.

Some of this squiggliness comes from realising we’re not complete without others bring to us.  When we connect we’re opening to help coming from beyond us, and then help will come from within us towards others.

Shape-shifters also emphasise questions over answers: inquiry is squiggly.  Answers provide us with straight(-ish) lines of certainty; questions can take us off in a totally different direction.

‘Truth isn’t something you conclude; truth is something you become.’*

Futurist John Seely Brown captures this when he offers how, “We’ve transitioned into always transitioning.”^

The status quo demands, “Stay still!”  You’ll be criticised and shamed because of your lack of linearity.  But you know, the status quo is not what it means to be Human and there is more shape-shifting to be done.  We discover more of what we are becoming in the squiggliness.

Your mission for today, should you choose to accept, is to find and connect with more shape-shifters.^^

Another thing you can have a play with is creating your personal world cloud of values, skills, and metaphors which are important to you.  Today’s cartoon is a play at mine.

(*A word used by Mitch Joel in Ctrl Alt Delete.)
(*From Erwin McManus’s Soul Cravings.)

(^Quoted by Warren Berger in A More Beautiful Question.)
(^^I’ve just spent the afternoon with a group of shape-shifters around exploring ULabs.  We recognised there are more and more people who are entering the squiggliness.)


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