disruptive questions

18 the most disruptive

Our most disruptive questions emerge out of the territories of vulnerability we’re willing to explore.

Some ask questions to show you how much they know or to get something more for themselves.

But others ask questions, admitting what they do not know, and they ask if there is anything they have they can give to you.

Some ask questions which seek out reasons not to connect and trust, proving a cynical point.

But, others ask questions which expose their willingness to grow and connect, which move them beyond truth to trust, and which proffer their less-than perfect resources because they know they’re enough.

Some ask questions to put us off their trail,so they’re not held to account, questions to hide behind so their world remains the same.

But, others ask questions which cross the lines and borders others respect, allowing you to mine their inspiration, brightness, and beauty.

When we ask disruptive questions we’re awakening our ancient memory comprising curiosity towards creativity.    Digging deep, they expose the questioner in their vulnerability, knowing the alternative is often fear, limitation, negativity, bitterness, and disappointment.


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