not enough

3 thrive

You are certainly enough and have more than enough to create some art right now.

Yet we have to keep moving, exploring, discovering, creating, and moving again.

When we are at our most lucid, Humans know the safest place to be is not where we’ve always felt safest – where we can be lulled into complacency, when we come to enjoy the equilibrium.

‘You always live in a space which frames belonging but is yet unable to fully reflect your longing.  This ambivalence gives such vitality and passion to human presence.’*

Too much belonging and not enough longing is unhealthy.  As is too much longing and not enough belonging.

Martin Seligman has explores these dimensions under the “heading” of well-being, claiming Human well-being is about flourishing, measurable through these five elements: Positive emotion (including satisfaction and fulfilment), Engagement (the sense of flow which we’re only aware of after engagement), positive Relationships (in which we belong, including with ourselves), Meaning (a purpose greater than ourselves), and, Accomplishment (what we achieve, including our experiences of failing and trying again).**

Fire is a useful metaphor for well-being.^

Fires are not self-perpetuating and, without more fuel and oxygen to feed them, will expire.

In this sense we do not have enough, and (if we need to) identify and pursue our longing.

(*From John O’Donohue’s Eternal Echoes.)
(**From Martin Seligman’s Flourish.  The five elements are memorable using the acronym  PERMA.  The descriptions in brackets are more mine than Seligman’s.)

(^From Stephen Pyne’s Fire.  Pyne sees Humans us quite unlike any other species in this world: ‘Fire planet had found its keystone species.’)



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