being positive and dignity and heartness

2 focus

Making fires, too.

Being positive, because I want to encourage people to view their lives in a positive way.  We’ve probably heard of original sin, but what about original goodness?  There’re many more amazing things inside of people which don’t get a mention and need and airing.*  Perhaps this year, they will.

Dignity and “heartness,” because:

‘It is wonderful to behold a person who inhabits their own dignity.  The human body is its own language.’**

We are responsible for nurture this dignity or heartness.  We do not receive our dignity from others; neither can others take it away.  They may recognise it or not, but it is who we are at heart.

It manifests itself in honour and nobility and sageness.

Honour because we are giving expression to our values and beliefs in our dealings with others, the world, and our selves.
Nobility because we make who we are and what we have available in service to others: the original meaning of nobility.
Sageness because we connect ideas and actions in everyday practices and habits which are transformative.

Makers of Fire because we have discovered how our past experiences and memories are the fuel for some future-fire we’re igniting: failures and successes, mistakes and transgressions, what we have done and what others have done to us = fuel.^

(Following fifteen years of disappointment in my work leading to the brink of burn out, I use these experiences as fuel to do the work I love, enabling people to identify, explore, and develop the dreams their lives are whispering to them.)

The primal tools for fire making are a flint or friction sticks.  It takes focus, skill, and energy to ignite a fire.  Makers of fire are people who know how to produce fire from their primal make up.  There’s lots of fuel and plenty of oxygen, but the spark is the thing we have to introduce to these.

We become flame.  We are transformed by the experience.

(More to come.)

(*It doesn’t explain everything but there are more people who want to express goodness through their lives than there are people wanting to hurt others.)
(**John O’Donohue in Eternal Echoes.)
(^Human life has been so completely shaped by our harnessing and developing of fire-technology, it is entirely legitimate to speak of ourselves as makers of fire and of things from our past being utterly consumed to produce something new.  In Fire, Stephen Pyne points to our ability to cook our food has removed the need to have large heads and powerful jaws, together with large digestive systems: cooking food makes it easier to consume whilst increasing the calorific value.)

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