4 is this

When life becomes merely functional we lose something: the celebration life is.

To reverence is to celebrate, but there’s a problem.

I’ve worked with hundreds of people identifying their passions and talents.  When it comes to sharing their most de-energising  experiences, I have lost count of those who tell me it is when people and/or environments do not show respect or fail to acknowledge their value or worth as people with talents.

Only recently, someone shared their experience of how “systems and organisationalism isolate and disconnect and dehumanise people”; also “people who have chosen to be negative about everyone and everything else, even themselves.”

Emily Heyward warns how entrepreneurs can be so caught up in their great product idea, rather than wondering whether people want it; she offers: ‘the best entrepreneurs, the most successful ones, are those who something that was broken and had no choice but to fix it.’*  She’s encouraging us to remain focused on the problem and to deliver meaningful innovation.

I’ve been hearing the problem expressed by the folk I work with, and realise what I want is for their to be a celebration of who people are and what they have to bring, beyond respect, recognising a person’s unique presence and encouraging them to bring this to their workplace, as well as to their family and friends.

When someone recognises there’s really something wonderful and mysterious about their life, they bring this understanding to the lives of others they meet.  So much of our world is functional – we don’t have to listen to our politicians for too long before realising this is what they think we want – but when we step outside the bubble and get honest, what we value most of all is to recognised for who we are and what we do.

‘Some people never celebrate anything.  They have no time. … Some feel there is nothing to celebrate.  Such people are prisoners who slog away in a secure and predictable routine.**

Don’t be one of them.

(*From Make Your Mark.)
(**John O’Donohue’s Eternal Echoes.)


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