a small crack of nothingness

hold that thought

Here’s the full quote from Otto Scharmer:

‘Between these two movements, breathing in and breathing out, there is a small crack of nothingness.  That silent pause is the mystery at the bottom of the U.’*

This caught my attention when I read it last year because it sounds like the thin silence of something important which comes to us from beyond, the invisible we’re always exploring.

Breathing happens to us, but we can hold our breath.

Thinking also happens to us, but we can explore a thought.

When we breath in – think-in – the more of the universe, of the other, and what life means in us, and before we breathe out, there’s something which comes to us as the thing we MUST do.

There’s no rigid line between breathing in and breathing out, between thinking in and thinking out.  Instead, there’s an opportunity.**

(*From Otto Scharmer’s Theory U.  The “U” is the downward and upward journey of becoming more present to lifeL downward through opening our minds, our hearts, and our wills, and the upward through identifying what our purpose is, prototyping this, and then creating our art.)
(**Thanks to Seth Godin for the original quote from Whatcha Gonna Do With That Duck, which I’ve altered: ‘There’s no rigid line between job and art.  Instead, there’s an opportunity.’)
(Here’s a great little blog from Seth Godin to put alongside this.)

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