what’s your story?

a story of disccovery

Not your past story, or even your present story, but your future story.

You are the creator of your story: maybe eighty years and then the story closes.

These our our little stories, lived out within the great Human story – an incredible journey of discovery and invention – littered with failures and lit up with great triumphs.

One thing we know of the big story – mirrored or echoed in the little stories – is we’re made to explore and discover.  Paradoxically, the more we journey to discover, the more we belong.  We know and are known.

‘The very nature of the universe invites you to journey and discover it.’*

Here are some questions important for creating stories provided by Keith Yamashita:
How will the world be better off thanks to you having been on this earth?
What are your unique gifts and superpowers?
Who have you been when you’ve been at your best?
Who must you fearlessly become?**

It’s paradoxical, but the older we are the more there’s to discover about ourselves and the more we have to contribute.  You’d think we’d completely know ourselves by the time we get to 30, 40, 50, 60 (keep going) but the years have added experiences and skills and passions we do not fully understand or exercise yet.

In knowing these, we catch sight of what our future journey must be.

(*John O’Donohue in Eternal Echoes.)
(**Based on Keith Yamashita’s questions for finding purpose in Make Your Mark.)

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